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To: FSCA Shooters                                        3/28/2022

Subject: FSCA Annual General Membership Meeting

The Annual FSCA General membership Meeting will be held at the Pavilion at Quail Creek on Saturday, April 2, 2022 just before dinner (approx. 6:00PM).

Per the FSCA Bylaws (approved 10/22/2017) elections are to be held in even-numbered years for BOD members including the Officers. Since elections have not yet been initiated this year, and in order to comply with the BYLAWS to keep the Association in good standing with the NSCA, there will be elections held this year at the Annual FSCA State Championship Meeting per Bylaws Article 1.1.3.

Since the nomination process was not done in advance, nominations for the Officers will be accepted from the floor and all state association shooters will vote at this meeting. A slate of Officers has been defined and will be nominated. The FSCA BOD seat that is held by the NSCA Delegates rep has already been agreed to by the 5 duly-elected National Delegates and will be announced at the meeting. The nomination and election process for the 3 Range/Club BOD members and the 3 BOD seats for At-Large Directors will be announced at this meeting to take place in the next several weeks by e-mail. Nominees for both of these categories must qualify by shooting 500 targets/1,000 targets respectively in the preceding NSCA shoot year, and they must also indicate their willingness to serve, so all such nominations must be vetted before an e-mail ballot can be distributed. 

The Agenda for the Annual Meeting per the Bylaws will be as follows:

Roll call

Reading of Minutes from 2021 State Shoot General Membership Meeting for approval.

Report of Officers



Reports of Committees

Old Business

New Business

              Nomination and Election of Officers for 2022-2024

              Announce procedure & schedule for nomination/election of remaining BOD positions:

3 Club/Range BOD members & 3 At-Large BOD Members.    

              Announce 2023 State Shoot location as awarded by majority vote of the BOD.    


Please make every effort to attend this important meeting. We’ll see you at the state Shoot this week!  

Nicole Williams, FSCA Secretary

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